We work with dynamic, entrepreneurial, energetic business owners who are serious about advancing and open to change – servant leaders who strive to do something every day to make things better in their organizations. 

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Problem: A law firm with 17 partners wanted to make several significant changes to the business in six months – but the full-time staff didn’t have enough time or the right skills to do the job. The law firm’s goal was to elevate its standards so that all employees knew they were working for an A-rated firm.

There were many issues:

  • IT: The entire IT operation – staff and processes – needed to be upgraded.

  • Accounting: The accounting department needed a complete overhaul.

  • Productivity and compensation: No standards existed for hours worked, hours billed, and revenue received; for associates and paralegals, productivity was neither measured nor tied to compensation.


We worked with an external IT company to audit the entire IT operation and then carried out the recommendations. The network was upgraded, an experienced Director of Technology was hired, and client information became more secure.

We researched and recommended new accounting software and oversaw the conversion. Plus, after CPA audits of all trust accounts, we worked with a placement agency to re-staff the accounting department with high performers. Job descriptions were developed, and accounting processes were documented.

After evaluating the compensation structure for associates, we developed a new program and recommended ways to motivate associates to increase billable hours. We also educated them about the tie between productivity and compensation.

We created teams of paralegals – promoting the most qualified to team leaders – and set quotas for billable hours. Motivating and managing team leaders was vital. They learned that the numbers would tell the tale: They’d be rewarded for productivity and profitability, not how “busy” they appeared to be.

Every day we had to create trust, communicate openly at the appropriate levels about the coming changes and work diligently to stay on schedule. Along the way, staff shared what was working well and what wasn’t, and their ideas for implementing the changes.

Afterward, the staff said they better understood the business of running a law firm, and their firm was a better place to work. Plus, the partners now thought about their practice as a business and began holding one another accountable. As a result, productivity improved across the board.

Problem: When a small Internet marketing company staffed with creative types started to grow rapidly, the business owners needed another right hand – someone who could develop an organizational structure and consult on human resources and long-term strategy.

Solution: We worked alongside the president to:

  • Created operational procedures, formal reporting chains, job descriptions, recurring department meetings, and communication processes

  • Standardized processes for recruiting and hiring, performance reviews and separation

  • Planned and executed two office relocations in 18 months as the company grew

  • Researched and provided strategic information to the other owners and department managers

As the company continued to grow, we had more compliance issues to consider, like the Family and Medical Leave Act, so we created an even stronger HR infrastructure. Within three years, we grew a startup with 18 people to a solid business with more than 85 employees. Along the way, we also gained a deep knowledge of this industry, learning about Google algorithms, online paid advertising, organic searches, web design, software development, social media and other aspects of online marketing.