Problem: A company preparing for a corporate reorganization discovered that administrative processes had never been documented. One administrative assistant, Tina, “did it all” and “had everything in her head.” She was processing payroll, generating invoices, paying the bills and managing the office. The company was at risk. What if something happened to Tina tomorrow? Who would take over? And how would this person know what to do? The concerned business owners decided a more formal approach was needed.

Solution: We worked with the owners to:

  • Create job descriptions

  • Audit the accounting department

  • Separate duties by creating new positions

  • Document office services and accounting processes

Along the way, we made a shocking discovery: Tina had embezzled more than $30,000 from the company over seven years!

By analyzing, documenting and improving processes, creating job descriptions and performing spontaneous audits, we identified and removed an internal risk to the company.